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About Phyllis Parris Borum

Meet Phyllis Parris-Borum

With over 20 years of hair styling and makeup experience, Phyllis Parris-Borum is considered a beauty industry veteran. Strategically,  set out to master the arts of hair and makeup by working as a Senior Stylist and Salon Manager for over 10 years [while simultaneously demonstrating her talents as a Freelance Celebrity Hair and Make-up artist.] In doing so, she was able to learn the ‘in’s and out’s’ of the beauty industry, gain knowledge in how to work with many different types of hair textures and solidify her place as an industry leader. In 1990, Phyllis hit the ground running, becoming a certified cosmetologist, then owning and operating her own salon, N’Joyable, just five years later. Phyllis’ diverse experience and raw talent combine to give her the necessary skills to satisfy even the most discerning of clients. Her talent has not gone unnoticed, as Phyllis has been contracted to work with many high profile clients over the years. Phyllis Parris-Borum started in television in 1999 with her experience including CNBC, UPN9, Spike TV, WPIX 11, and VH1. In 2006, she was the Hair and Makeup Talent for Missy Elliot’s Road to Stardom. Currently, Phyllis Parris-Borum is a contract stylist at CNN and MSNBC where she has styled Soledad O’Brien among others. In 2005, Phyllis was certified at Mac Cosmetics Pro Studio and in 2007 she became certified at Powder Group Make Up Studio. Phyllis has received two Peabody Awards, one in 2008 at CNN News Network for Presidential Coverage and one in 2010 for the Gulf Oil Spill, also at CNN News Network. Earlier this year, Phyllis made one of her greatest accomplishments to date, becoming certified in Non-Surgical Hair Replacement and Gem Tress Hair Extension at Florida’s On Rite Hair Academy. Additionally, Phyllis’ personal clients have ranged from news anchors and professional talent to leaders in entertainment, sports and television. Some of Phyllis past hair and/or make up clients have included Omorosa of The Apprentice, Whoopi Goldberg, Former President Bill Clinton, Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Tracy Morgan, Ne Ne Leakes of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Salt And Pepa and Justine Simmons of Run’s House.

Kofi is N’Joyable’s resident barber. Having served in this industry for over 15 years, he was hand selected to bring his talents to the N’Joyable team. Kofi is known for his proficiency in cutting different hair textures and is one of the most sought after barbers in the greater New York City area. He is a fixture on our staff – aiding in our goal to always be able to service our diverse clientele with the best experience possible.

Charette is an expert in the growing, yet underserved, natural hair industry. She takes great joy in creating styles such as natural twists and locks, designer cornrows, and flat twists among others. Charette is known for her willingness to take the time to speak with each client and understand their wants so that she can aid them in getting to their best hair.

Lisa Miller’s passion for hair and makeup has been fueled by her fascination for hair’s diversity and the beauty that she can draw out of it. Lisa’s exceptional knack for hair and makeup were recognized by Paul Mitchell Beauty & Cosmetology School, where she was asked to join the team as a master makeup artist “instructor”. Lisa is now bi-coastal and, while on the east coast, uses her talents to satisfy N’Joyable’s clients, one customer at a time. Previously, she resided solely in Hollywood, California. While in LA, she hit the ground running, working with celebrities such as John Travolta, Rebecca Romeijn, Taye Diggs, Connie Nielson and LL Cool J among others. Lisa also became a Certified Great Lengths Extension Technician in August of 2011. Aside from working at N’Joyable, Lisa freelances at Fox News in New York and Los Angeles. She is happily connected with all of her clients and is looking forward to expanding her clientele and satisfying many more people here at N’Joyable.

The newest addition to the N’Joyable family, Dana Pellagatti is an expert stylist who has spent over twenty years perfecting her craft. Originally trained at the New Jersey based Roman Academy of Hair and Design, Dana has traveled to California and Las Vegas doing hair while continuing to master the art of hair through color classes at Redken, Joico and Clairol. Additionally, she has had extensive training in both the installation and cutting of extensions. Utilizing all of her knowledge, and taking into account the clients’ lifestyle, hair texture and bone structure, Dana boldly takes on the challenge of providing each client with the best possible look for them. Dana considers hair dressing as an art form and as such, goes to great lengths to genuinely listen to the desires of each client in order to bring out their individual and natural beauty.


Client List

  • Venus Williams
  • Magic Johnson
  • Jermaine Dupree
  • Dan Rather
  • Lynn Whitfield
  • Teena Marie
  • Missy Elliot
  •  Mona Scott
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