Booking Appointment Help

Our booking site is www.Vagaro.com Search for N'Joyable Hair Studio . You can look on our list of services to see which ones you may be interested in.

 Please note that all of our services that you book will be modified based on Stylist Consultation and what would be the best direction to go in that will maintain your hairs Health and long term Goals. 

     Each Service has Individual prices. So please keep that in mind!


Salon Policy: There Will be a Fee Charged Per Services Booked For appointments Cancelled After 24 hrs!!

Vagaro Booking Steps

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  1.  Click Our Book Now Button

2. On Vagaro Fill Out your info
3. Vagaro will give you a Temporary Password
4. Check for Available times
  5. Choose your Desired Services & Book

 Steps are easy to follow and once you Book Your Appointment the system will message us and You will get reminder text and emails !  We can't wait to meet you......





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