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We Know seeing a New Stylist isn't always easy & we get that, so we take away all the usual Stress and Confusion by creating Easy to pick options, that will make it Easier to book your first visit!!

Your First visit will be more in depth, making your initial time & financial Investment really important. 

 At your first appointment, we will discuss a healthy hair journey suggested for your future visits!

Please select the option below that best fits closest to your needs. Don't worry! If you need to modify or change any services, that can be done easily by your Stylist.


Most Hair loss Services & Severely Damaged hair clients, that are  experiencing early hair loss,  may have to come in for an in- Person salon Consultation.

 Choice   1


 Are you in need of a major beauty over haul? 

Are you experiencing Mild or Severe Hair loss?

Is your hair extremely Dry ?

Has your Hair, in its current state, become too difficult to manage?

        15 Minute Complimentary



 Choice   2

Hairloss  Services

Have you been Diagnosed by a Doctor that your Hairloss is permanent?

Have you tried other solutions that has not worked?

Do you want your confidence back?

Make your appointment and let's discuss the best solutions privately...


 Average Visit 3 to 5 hrs

       $$$ Can Vary

 Choice   3

Hair Loss Prevention

  Have you noticed mild or excessive hair shedding?

  Have you noticed your edges have become thinner?

   Do you wear excessive Protective styles like weaves, Braids , Wigs?

   Are you ready to invest time & money to save your hair before the hair loss goes too far and gain its health and shine back?

    Average Visit 2 to 3 hrs. 

           $85 $ up

Choice 4

Relaxer & Cut

 Have you walked away from relaxers because they were drying or damaging?

 Do you know that through advanced technology there's many High Grade Relaxers available?

Are you ready for that nice short cut that compliments your features and is low maintenance?

 Do you realize with consistent visits every 2 to 3 wks. you can experience beautiful healthier Relaxed hair with shine.

      2 to 3 hr, visits Both 


        $150 on average

 Choice  5

Keratin Systems

Has your Natural hair become increasingly dry and difficult to manage?

Do you want shine and body back in your hair with a low maintenance system ?

The Keratin is NOTHING like a Relaxer! This system is made of Amino Acids and conditioners that create a new layer of protection and makes your hair stronger!! 

 You have the choice to apply it so it just softens your cuticle for more managability or we can remove more of the texture & smooth it out.  

3 to 4 hrs   $250 & up

Color & Cut

Have you thought about what color would look good against your complexion?

Have you seen a shade of color and thought, can my hair do that? 

Are you prepared for the regular maintenance that Permanent color requires?

We take the time to analyze & find out by your hair elasticity and Porosity what shade you can safely achieve!!



               2 to 4 hrs

        Both Services $150 & up

Choice 6


At your consultation we want to hear your hair nightmares and your hair dreams, your daily routine, how often do you shampoo? what is your home styling routine?

  We will then show you our Digital Photos to get more clarity on what you want and what we can actually achieve.

   Once we are clear on what we plan to achieve at this visit. We will discuss the plan going forward into future visits.


 Guest Experience

Cell Phone Chargers

 Free Wifi

Great Music request

Nice Relaxed Professional Atmosphere

Light Snack, Water & More

Private Hair Care Service Area

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