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Hairloss Prevention Mission

Learn to Love Your OWN Hair Again!!

As a Leading licensed Hair Salon. We make routine observing what trends and hair Challenges many busy woman face.

While this Amazing Beauty Industries recent influx of a really beautiful Braid Styles, Weaves and Wigs. We understand those styles are super low maintanence . Many times for our busy lives they work really well.  We are NOT here to say Stop wearing those styles completely.

However since we understand that Most Hairloss begins slowly and Over a Period of time. The constant covering , Braid extensions begin to thin Hairlines, Wig caps and Wigs themselves . When your OWN hair being covered for months, even years at times, it then slowly begins to Shed , become brittle and thin out. 

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Let's Go Deeper

One of our Top Priorities is to let Textured Hair woman remember their OWN hair is important and valuable.  We will take the time to sit and listen to what your hair Goals are and based on Our Assesment what process may best direction to get your new hair you Love again journey.

How this Journey Begins

1). In Person Hair & Scalp Assesment

2) Begin with a Thorough Power Cleanse Shampoo

3) 2 Deep Hydrating Shampoos

4) Then a Deep Luxury Steam Treatment

Followed By Blow out & Style

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