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Hi I'm Phyllis


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I've been so honored to serve the beautiful Historical Downtown trendy part of Jersey City now for over 25 yrs.& growing. While being in this amazing Beauty Industry since my early teenage years. Following in my Mothers Footsteps as a Hair Stylist.  I began doing Hair in my Parent's basement . i enjoyed styling my friends and family's hair. I had so much fun mixing color and practicing cutting. I soon decided this is what I had to do. Sadly one month before graduating from Beauty School, my beautiful mom passed away. I was only 19.

          Although I was afraid of what my future would be, my LOVE for GOD and the Beauty Industry was both an escape and helped give me strength with Prayer first to work and build my Stunning career. 

          Few years later I was fortunate to begin working in T.V. News and many on set film Projects , Music Videos & Commercial ads. Always continuing to attend the top Industry Beauty Shows & Classes to enhance my skills.


           What makes what we do so special is our years of experience styling textured hair ,Our first priority is to Help that textured hair woman learn to Love her OWN hair again.  Healthier  Hair Loss Solutions and Hairloss Prevention services where we design a long term custom Hair care plan to help address your hairs changes.  Along with our expert short Pixie Cut, Color, Keratins,  Relaxers & More. With any style we decide together what's best for your hair's health and strength as our top priority.


        When Im out of the Salon with my beautiful funny daughter. I love Music Concerts & travel. I have seen everyone from Micheal Jackson to Beyonce'. Enjoying time with family and Friends  many I've known for over 30 years . Over seas Travel is so exciting I have already been to at least 11 Countries. Many more are out there, that  I would love to  experience.  

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