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N'Joyable's FAQ

This is a frequently asked question #1?

 Can my Tight Coily textured hair be more Manageable Chemical Free hair?

        Every Clients hair is different and requires an in person Assessment. We analyze to see what your hair is lacking and discuss what your hair goals are and what steps will be required to get you closer to easier to manage hair.  After a few routine visits in most cases we can begin to see better Porosity Levels and hair eventually becomes easier to manage. Again NOT everyones results will be the same.

This is a frequently asked question #2?

What is the Difference between a Keratin & a Relaxer?

       A Keratin and a Relaxer are Completely Different.

A Keratin is formulated with majority Amino Acids and Conditioners designed to Soften NOT Straighten your Cuticle layers of each Strand. So your hair maintains more Strength  Elasticity, & absorbs products more readily down to the cuticle layers of each strand. So a more smoother look happens easier in the styling process. Maintain hair with Sulfate Free shampoos a great majority of your hairs texture will be in tact. 


This is a frequently asked question #3?

     What is better for my Hair a Keratin or a Relaxer ?

        Both Chemicals can work well based on your hairs current condition and what results you want to achieve. We like to guide each client to what will help each client LOVE their OWN hair again. Our main goal is keep the overall Health and hairs integrity so if you decide to wear your hair Sassy & Short or get some reasonable length. You can see great results!


This is a frequently asked question #4?

Can I wear a Relaxer & Color together?

         This is a Combination that many years ago was almost  a 100% NO. The Great News is that through Technology and learning textured hairs Molecular Structure. With that said NOT everyone can achieve this combination. This is totally a case by case service .

        It can definitely require routine visits with Top quality Products & Treatments to prepare the hair for the color . Your hairs health and integrity remains our Top Priority. Please note if we discover this service is not best for your hair . We will definitely let you know what we recommend!!

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