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We want to see you Learn to Love your OWN hair Again!!

"Please Make Note Each Visit has a Minimum of 2 Services"

Textured Haircut

$85 & Up

We approach every Clients texture and Desired Cut based on what their curl pattern is and their desired look!!

Beauty Blow Out

$75 & Up

   We use Top of the Line Leave in Conditioners and Products that maintain hairs strength and Elasticity for Healthier Stronger hair when Styling.

Luxury Steam Treatment

$50 & Up

       This Service is perfect for that textured Client who needs moisture infused into the inner most levels of each strand. 

Hard Water Deep Cleanse

$35 - $45

 This service is designed to remove the buildup from metals, minerals and Product that accumulates. 

   This helps to bring the hair back from lack lustre look and that Heavy feeling.

Hair Replacement Maintenance Service

$285 &up

This service is designed for Clients who are Living with Complete Hairloss. After a deep Consultation of desired look we prep your scalp apply adhesive, attach Custom Unit , Cut & Styled to your desired specifications.

Keratin Smoothing

$260 & Up

    This is Our Salon best Choice Service for that textured hair Client who wants hair that is easier to manage and grows. We have 3 In House Systems we choose based on your texture and desired results!

Relaxer T. Up

$95 & Up

    This is a service designed for that texture girl who wants to have permanent straightness with easy maintenence.  T-ups are 6 to 10 wk. decision based on individual clients hair strength & texture.

Balayage Color

$125 -$250

 This service is the Best for clients who wants a Splash of color without a Lot of stress on your hairs overall Health. We recommend a customize the shade to compliment your actual hairs current shade.

Short Pixie Wigs

$85 & Up

This Service is for clients looking for a different look or your OWN hair Health is already Damaged or weak.   These are Mid Level quality Human wigs .

      That we then Shampoo, style and Custom Cut to compliment your features. Best of all you can take it off at night!


High End Custom Unit

$800 & up

        This Service is for clients who want to Invest to recieve Top Quality Hair and Look with HD Invisible base. There's 2 more seperate steps Not Included in the Fee. 

***Please Make Note Each Service is Charged Seperately***

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